Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend's Here!

Well the weekend is here and it looks like our area will be getting some nasty weather. Hope where you are will find it to be much better! We have been working with some new designs - Geometric Abstract patterns. Quite happy with some of the results of combining a neat pattern with various colors and then using some filters to make a few different designs from one pattern. Filters are a fun way to alter an original photo or pattern. Photoshop has a Filter Gallery that you can manipulate colors, textures and even create special effects. They also have "Camera filter" which we tend to use more frequently. Our store over at Zazzle "Altered Art" is a good example of the use of both Filters.

Here are some of the new designs we have come up with on products over at Zazzle - Same design but we created a "metal" effect on one.

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