Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday...Monday.....UP TO 50% OFF - Save Some Green for St. Paddy's! Limited Time!

Hey all!  Hope you had a great weekend.  This weather is just enough already!   We are working on some FREE St. Paddy's Day Scrap pieces for those of you out there that like to scrap your memories.  We will be posting them through-out the week for you.

In the mean time - Zazzle is offering up to 50% Off for a limited time.  If you are having a party or just looking for some neat accessories for St. Paddy's day you can either create your own or pick up some original pieces.  

Few ideas for custom Buttons - we also use these ideas for Ornaments, Keychains, and other small Accessories:

1. Party Favors for your Guests
2. Add as part of a Gift Wrapping Accessory
3. Stocking Stuffers

50% Off Buttons!  Use Promo Code TEEBUTTON
Choose your Shape and Size

St. Patrick's Day - Ireland/Map
St. Patrick's Day - Ireland/Map by steelmoment
Look at St patrick's day Buttons online at

St. Patrick's Day - Shamrock & Word Art
St. Patrick's Day - Shamrock & Word Art by steelmoment
Browse St patrick's day Buttons online at

Don't forget your Party Supplies!  We have entire collections of Paper Plates and coordinating Napkins, Coasters and more.   Mix and Max - or get creative and make your own!   :-)

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